Referee Requirements and Information

Laws of the Game Changes:

If you go into the Laws of the Game (theifab) link you will see the menu pictured below and if you click on the square titled additional explanatory documents it will give you options based on summary of the changes as follows:

  • Presentation of Main Law Changes
  • Summary of Law Changes for Competition Organizers and Administrators
  • Summary of Law Change for Players, Coaches and Media
  • Summary of Law Changes Law by Law
  • Change of Law 12 – Fouls Misconduct: Denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity
  • Revision of the Laws of the Games – Questions and Answers

Referee Program Update

Click here to read all about the updates to the referee program.

New Referee Pay Scale to go into effect 8/1/2016

To keep quality referees and stay competitive, a new pay scale will into effect on August 1, 2016. The pay scale is significantly higher than the current rate which will most likely mean club registration fees will increase for the fall season. Please click here for referee pay increase information.

Get paid to be a referee!

There is a Grade 8 referee course Sunday May 15th in Colorado Springs.
Register here to complete the course. There is an online portion and then a 1 day class. Course is $80.

Referees are paid by the club for all game officiating. Referees can look forward to a pay raise in the Fall 2016.

Referees will receive a free uniform kit from Canon City Blitz Soccer Club for completing the course and registering to referee for us.

They can contact Lydia Beals with any questions 719-369-1966


Referee Requirements:

Canon City Blitz is always looking for new referees! If you have a passion for soccer or you are looking for exercise while working then this position may interest you!

Referees become certified by completing trainings for a Grade 8 certification. To find out what classes are currently available go to

Referees are paid at a standard rate determined by Colorado Soccer Association. (There is an attached document that shows this) For more information about the benefits to being a referee please contact Jurhree Hill or 719-492-2423.

 dollarClick here to see how much referees are  currently paid.

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